You can attend a Halloween Social tonight in support of the Otterburne Curling Club and Steinbach Community Outreach. 

All funds raised will be to help out the Otterburne Curling Club with general maintenance, and make sure to bring a tin for the bin for Steinbach Community Outreach. 

In the past, organizer Wendy Abebe always hosted the Halloween party in her home. 

“It's always quite a big party, and we have a lot of animated objects, we go all out for Halloween always. But it's just gotten to be too much for the house.”  

She notes they haven't had a Halloween party since before COVID.  

“So everybody was kind of harping on me. Every year they all harp on me, ‘what about the Halloween party? Are we having the Halloween party?’ and I said to them, ‘It's just too much for the house already’ and then we just decided, let's do it at the hall.” 

She is excited to have a bigger venue and to host it as a fundraiser to help out the community. 

Abebe explains why she wants to help the Otterburne Curling Club. 

“We do get a few grants here and there, but there's always upkeep. Most of the time it's usually the bigger halls that get rented, so they don't get a lot of funds coming into the place,” she says. “So we just thought, ‘let's give them some extra so that if there is something that needs to get bought, then they can put it towards that.’” 

At the social they will have a costume contest with three categories: Best Individual Costume, Best Couples Costume, and Best Group Costume. 

Abebe says all the prizes are donated, and the organizers have worked very hard to make the party a success. 

They are expecting around 100 attendees. 

“It's a small community, so we're hoping we're going to get some people coming out from other places yet, but that's our hope that it will be a good turnout.” 

She says the party will have a ton of animated decorations and plenty of great snacks to dig into. 

“A lot of things hanging, there's a lurching zombie, there's a hanging Molly on a swing. We want to make it memorable and hopefully if it is a good turnout, people will want to come back again in a year or two, maybe we'll make this an every other year contribution.” 

Abebe is looking forward to seeing people come out to support the community. 

She encourages people from all over to stop by, and says you won’t want to miss out on the fun. 

“Otterburne is always a very good time! They like to dance and like to have a good time, so come on out and support and don't forget tin for the bin.” 

The Halloween social is for adults 18+ tonight from 8pm-1am at the Otterburne Curling Club. For tickets, call Wendy Abebe at 204-371-8942.


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