Two groups are getting some unexpected money, thanks to the hundreds of people who attended the 19th annual Sundown Gymkhana last month. 

The dust has settled, and all the money counted. 

Carla Campbell says the committee decided to give $1,000 to Vita School for outdoor sports programming. 

“We like to see kids get involved, we like to see kids participate in sports, and we just felt as a committee that if we can do something to contribute to that... either to go towards uniform costs or equipment or registration fees for the kids, we’ll let the school use it at their discretion. We felt that the kids could benefit from some support there.”

Rider sits on a horse, waiting for their turn at the next game.Carla Campbell says they had perfect weather for the 19th annual Sundown Gymkhana and a great turn out.

Campbell says they also donated $1,000 to the Vita Food Bank. 

“We understand that costs have increased on everything, and there are more food banks opening up,” she says. “Vita is new in its organization, and we thought they could benefit from our support as well.” 

Each year, the Sundown Gymkhana weekend raises money for different organizations. Campbell says it works really well to have a family-friendly event that is free for spectators to attend. She is thankful for everyone who donates to the event, which helps keep the costs down and allows more money to be donated to worthy causes. 


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