A resident of Grunthal is hoping to reinstate their Citizens On Patrol Program (COPP). 

Kris Driedger says they have had a COPP in the past, but they haven’t had one for about six or seven years. 

“I would say in the last year especially, there's been an increase of theft, break-in’s, vandalism, and then more recently, some threats with weapons,” she says. “Of course, we are as citizens all concerned, so there's been talk about trying to reinstate the program.” 

She has been hearing a great response from the community, and is hoping for a good turnout at their meeting on November 14th.

“We're hearing ‘right on, it's about time,’ and ‘this is great,’ which is wonderful. But we're really hoping that those people will then come on and volunteer their time to help, because we can't do it without the volunteers,” she says. “So, although I think it's being well received in the community, we still need the volunteers to make it happen.” 

They are hosting the meeting on Tuesday, November 14th, at 7pm at the New Horizons building, 109 Main St. Grunthal. 

If you are thinking of becoming part of the COPP, they are having a representative come out from the COPP, and he will provide more information at the meeting. 

Driedger is hoping people come out to learn about the program, what's involved, and what volunteer opportunities there are.

“If you come to the meeting, it doesn't mean you're committing to volunteer. We just want people to come out and listen to what's all involved and go from there. There'll be coffee and donuts, so if anything, come on down for some coffee and sugar.” 

She notes that all the volunteers will need to have a criminal record check done, but it will be paid for by the COPP. 

Between waiting for the checks to be completed and the application process to put together a group, Driedger says it would probably take around a month until something gets set up, but there will be more details at the information session. 

She is hoping enough people are interested in preventing crime in the community. 

“I think that (if) the community comes together, then it won't fall on one person, it will be everyone working together towards the common goal of keeping our community safer.” 

Driedger notes volunteering is also a great way to get to know your neighbours. 

“Even though we're working toward keeping the community safer, you're getting to know your community members themselves, so it's a great relationship-building program as well.” 


With files from Carly Koop 


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