The Tall Grass Prairie Preserve is providing an opportunity for people to learn about our prairies tomorrow, August 13.

They’ll start off the day with some guided walks on the Prairie Short Trail where you can get the chance to learn about different plants and insects while seeing them right in front of you.  

Chrystie Borkowsky says the walk at 11:00 AM will be led by Terry Galloway. 

“He knows so much about insects in Manitoba and that walk will be focused on insects, but he also has a wealth of information about other things that are in the prairies as well. But whatever he finds, he'll probably catch it in his net and then talk about it and then things will get released.” 

After the walks, they will have lunch under the oak trees at Gardenton Park. Then they will bring in some guest speakers to highlight different aspects of our wildlife, ecosystem, and the plants that live here. 

Borkowsky says that one of their sunflowers actually smells like chocolate. 

"No one will believe us, but once you get a sniff, everyone looks back at you in amazement and goes ‘so it does smell like chocolate’.” 

Prairie Day is a very important day for the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve because it's an opportunity to share all of the knowledge we have gathered about our environment. 

“It carries on our tradition of highlighting all of the neat critters and things that live and make the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve their home. It's a great opportunity and it's such a beautiful facility that not everybody is familiar with. It's kind of tucked away, but it has so much in it.” 

Even outside of Prairie Day, it’s a great place to visit. Different species grow and bloom depending on the month, so each time you visit you can learn and see something new.