Despite the cooler temperatures gardening season is underway.

Carla Hrycyna, host of the Lawn and Garden Journal, says May long weekend is normally the time people plant their gardens. “It’s still early for most flowers, however, it doesn’t hurt to start now.” she explains.

“There’s lots of things you can do prior to getting the planting done. Get your pots ready and get your gardens turned up.” Hrycyna explains.

Planting your vegetables now is a good idea. “You can definitely get some of your seeds in the ground.” Hrycyna notes that the warmer days and cooler nights help the seeds germinate.

Certain vegetables, like tomatoes, can be planted now but covering them overnight is a good idea.

Eric Rempel, the allotment garden coordinator for the Steinbach Mennonite Church has already seen some people out planting. “The rhubarb looks beautiful and the raspberries are growing.”

Rempel adds lots of vegetables have been planted and are starting to grow. He has already planted peas and lettuce.

Planting at the Steinbach Mennonite Church allotment garden