Despite a slower start to the growing year, the Grunthal Community Garden is set to give a boost to Grunthal Caring Hands Food Bank.

Neil Reimer explains how the community garden works. "We have 25x20 plots and we asked the people who do seeding in those plots to pay $10 a plot and then they have their produce and if they have too much, they give some to Helping Hands or the self-helps."

"Right now we have about 20 people involved," Reimer explains. "We had more to start but because of the late start, some just gave up."

Because of the wet weather, Reimer says it was a struggle to get the corn planted. "We got it done just that last week of June. Much later (than normal)."

It turns out that Reimer was more worried than he needed to be. "Produce has actually turned out much better than I thought it would. It has done very well and grown very fast. People are picking ripe tomatoes." He adds "I think overall it's looking like a very good harvest this year. Not as good as others but compared to the year, yes."

When it comes to corn, Reimer says they plant a section of the garden specifically for the food bank. "We go out and pick it, then sell it and the proceeds are brought to Helping Hands. We also bring some corn to distribute and the products we have, if it's too much for us, it goes to Helping Hands."

Reimer says he can't take all the credit for getting involved. "My wife is very interested in all of it," he says with a laugh. "What your wife does, you do too."