The Campus Manager for Red River College in Steinbach says they are full to the brim. Mary-Ann Shukla says as of the end of August they have 107 full-time students and as many as 30 more that are coming in on a part-time basis.

Red River College in Steinbach runs programs 12 months of the year. Therefore, there is not as much of an opening day in September as there might be at some other colleges in the area. For example, Shukla says their Business Accounting and Management program started in May, the Health Care Aid program kicked off in July and then a lot of business students began their schooling at the end of August.

"The summer programs, they are not large," admits Shukla. "There are not a lot of students, but come the end of August we are full to the brim."

According to Shukla, the Steinbach campus has probably its largest crop ever of international students. She says there are 10 international students, mostly from India, in their Business Accounting and Management program.

"They've been a great group," she says. "Lots of energy and we're looking forward to having more international students."

Shukla says because most Steinbach students opt to take their schooling in Winnipeg, the local Red River College campus is actually filled mostly with students living outside Steinbach.

Shukla says a highlight this year has been the popularity of their Business Administration program. She notes normally they have 24 full-time students and no more than 15 second year students in this program. But, this year they have 36 full-time and 25 second year students.

"So the word is out there," she says. "It's a quality program, so students are coming."