Niverville town council held a first reading on a by-law allowing Food Trucks to set up in their town. 

Mayor Myron Dyck says they've had several requests from vendors who travel across the province wanting to stop in Niverville. 

"We've had a couple of them reach out and wanted to know what the fees were and where they could go and then at that point it was that we reviewed the bylaw and the policy and so we decided we need to revisit this."

Dyck notes, on the one hand, they want to ensure that their brick-and-mortar businesses are supported.

"That the businesses that pay tax to your community, that support your teams, that support the community, that do all that are insured that they're not gonna be taken advantage of by someone setting up in front of their building, which they might not want. Versus the whole concept of food trucks and what they bring and the added dimension and dynamic that something like that can bring to a community."

Dyck continues, "So one of the major steps we took is we brought this to the Chamber of Commerce. We also did some research, went to the city of Steinbach, for instance, we went to other communities to see what their policies and bylaws are to, you know, to be consistent."

He says many of the food truck operators go from community to community and council would like to be consistent with what those places are doing, and still keep their prices reasonable.

"So, now that the Chamber has had a chance to review it, and we so appreciate them being willing to do that and come back to us, we were able to adopt a lot of what they said. There are some things that may be for logistics or otherwise, that just didn't work by all things considered."

Dyck notes, now that first reading has passed, there will be a public hearing scheduled so that Niverville residents will be able to voice their concerns and ask questions.

"So, if the business owners want to come out and give comments or suggestions or critique the idea of Food Trucks being allowed to set up in Niverville, then they will have that opportunity." 

The mayor expects a Public Hearing will be called for the third week in June, where Nivervlile residents are welcome to come and voice their concerns. Information will be confirmed shortly.