A mother and son from the Vita area are taking their talents on the road to spread some cheer this Christmas.

Gail Horobec bakes cookies and her 15-year-old son Zenon plays the fiddle. Zenon's passion is Ukrainian music and he has been playing the fiddle for about seven years. Normally, Zenon would be playing with his band Ukie Fusion but due to COVID-19, gatherings are not safe.

Gail says everyone has their own way of coping with this pandemic. For her, it comes in the form of baking.

"We thought what a better way to show love to our friends and family that we would normally see, but due to COVID we wouldn't be gathering, what a better way to show love than with food and music," says Gail.

This past weekend the mother and son went on the road to Vita, Steinbach and Winnipeg. While standing on the doorstep of family and friends, they entertained loved ones through song and cookies.

Gail says they had an interesting experience on one of their stops. She notes their GPS brought them to a home in Winnipeg. When they walked up to the house, Gail says she noticed some changes to the house, but also recalled her friend had said she was making some improvements.

"So we rang the doorbell, Zenon in his Santa hat and violin, me with a tray of cookies, all big happy smiles and we're ready to surprise her, but the surprise was on us," recalls Gail. "A stranger came to the door. We were at the wrong house!"

Gail says both parties looked at each other in amazement and after a brief chat the Horobecs serenaded this stranger.

"It turns out, the GPS was not wrong after all," she says.

The two are not done with their serenades just yet. However, Gail says they took a break when the weather turned a little colder because fiddles and fingers do not work as great in these conditions.

"Although Christmas looks different this year the message of Christmas is the same," she says.

Gail and Zenon Horobec