This stretch of Boreland Road, north of Highway #52, was still awaiting repairs as of Thursday

The Rural Municipality of La Broquerie is hard at work repairing miles and miles of roads that were damaged by frost and flooding this spring.

Reeve Claude Lussier says it's a big job, explaining, "We got 38 miles of actual road to be repaired and fixed. And we have 3 special projects where we're actually going to rebuild the roads completely because they were in extremely bad shape this spring. The priority ones are Shady Acres Lane and Gueret Road. They were in terrible shape. People couldn't even park there. They couldn't even go to their residence."
The third rebuild is on Twin River Road.
Reeve Lussier says they've budgeted about 450 thousand dollars for the work and will spend all that and more. However he notes Manitoba Emergency Measures will reimburse them for about two-thirds of the cost on some of the roads.

Reeve Lussier says the work is going very well and people are seeing "the fruits of their labour."