A tiny, injured dog was trapped and rescued from the Pansy area this week and is getting a new lease on life. 

Jacqueline Morgan with Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue says they were contacted by Chris, a HyLife employee, regarding a beagle at one of their farms. 

“He mentioned that there was a young Beagle that was on the property, obviously scared,” Morgan relays. “He was throwing food to the dog, but he couldn't get close enough or couldn't gain the dog's trust, and so he was wondering if we could step in and help in any way.” 

Initially, they offered tips on different things Chris could try, but they were unsuccessful. 

“He's a really smart dog,” she says. “He was hiding under the exhaust vent in the back of the barn because it was warm back there. That's where he was sleeping at night.”

Tiny the beagle sits in a trap on a snowy driveway.Tiny is successfully trapped on Tuesday, January 10th at a farm in the Pansy area. (Photo submitted)

Morgan is thankful for all the work Chris did in feeding the dog and trying to secure him. She says that Chris went above and beyond, to find help and coordinate with HyLife in accessing the property in a safe manner. 

LEASH volunteers monitored a trail camera to learn the dog’s routine. A trap was placed but not activated for capture in order to condition the dog to come to the trap for food. 

“He really likes steak,” Morgan says with a laugh. 

After unsuccessful attempts in trapping the dog, they contacted LEASH in Winnipeg for some expert advice. 

Morgan says the volunteers even came out from Winnipeg to help with the mission. 

On Tuesday, January 10th, the beagle was trapped and taken to Pet Vet for an examination.

Jacqueline holds Tiny at the vet's office.Jacqueline Morgan holds Tiny after his initial examination. (Photo submitted)

“His rear right leg he has a condition where he'll require FHO (femoral head ostectomy) surgery,” says Morgan. “So, essentially the femoral head of the bone is dislocated from the hip socket and his is quite severe.” 

While the beagle does not have a name yet, a young volunteer called him Tiny because he is quite small for his age. They estimate that he is between 10 and 12 months old. 

Before Tiny undergoes surgery, the focus is on getting him a little healthier. Morgan says they are a bit concerned that he is underweight.

Tiny the beagle sleeping on a blanket.Tiny the beagle settles in at his foster home.

 Right now, his pain is being managed with medication. 

His medical care is expected to cost around $1,000 and donations are being accepted at Pet Vet, and online through the Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue website. Morgan says donations can also be made on Monday night at Chase the Ace fundraiser at Smitty’s lounge in Steinbach.