Elections Manitoba reminds people to bring their kids to vote

Remember to bring your kids with you when you vote on October 4th.

Elections Manitoba has created a program called 'Citizen Next' to encourage higher voter turnout in the future.  Manager of Elections Operations Mary Skanderbeg says data from surveys indicate people are more likely to develop a habit or interest in something because they were involved at a young age.   

"Surveys and data that we have indicate that people that develop the habit of particpating young...families that talk about elections and voting around the dinner table if you will, they are more likely to vote in the future because they were engaged at a young age."

Skanderbeg says there is a decline in involvement with young voters and the program was created to hopefully reverse that trend. 

"There is decline in involvement in the 18-25 or 30-year old population so, we're just trying to eliminate some of that.  Hopefully, by being involved and seeing what voting is all about at a young age, that will help turn around that non-voting age group."

For more information, visit their website by clicking here.

(Image ctsy Citizen Next website)