The Eastman Choral Association has had a busy fall and they are excited to host the annual Sing for Peace Concert.  

It is back for the first time in a few years, and people are very excited to be able to sing together as a choir again. 

Shannon Sawatzky says the concert is a way to promote unity, peace, and community in our area. 

She’s heard from a lot of people that having rehearsals together is the highlight of their week. 

“And so now people are in the same room. We're working together, live, in-person with each other and connecting. Just being together with people making something beautiful together.”  

She says all of the songs are focused on the theme of unity and working together. 

“Many of them are on the theme of peace, some are sacred, some are secular, some are folk songs.” 

If you like to sing-along, they will have transitional songs when the choirs are in between moving on and off stage.  

Each of the groups will do two or three songs, and then they’ll perform a big mass choir piece at the end. 

“And that's partly why we bring all the choirs together for the mass piece, right? It's like we've all done our own thing, but ultimately collaboration is key, and that's the key to peace I think as well.” 

There are four choir groups performing at the concert this year. 

They’ll have the SRSS Chamber Choir with Crystal Peters, and the Eastman Male Choir which Sawatzky is director of this year.  

Plus, they always have the Eastman Community Choir for this event. This year they have around 30 people joined, a majority of them being men.  

Then finally, the children’s choir. 

“We always bring in a children's choir and we're really excited this year to bring in the children's choir from Arborgate School in La Broquerie under the direction of Jessica Taves.”  

The Sing for Peace Concert is at Grace Mennonite Church on Friday, November 11 at 2pm. 

Sawatzky notes the venue is different than usual. 

“This year we've changed locations, so for those that are long-timers to this concert, put that in your calendars, it's changed.” 

It takes place in the afternoon, so you can attend your Remembrance Day ceremonies first, and then you can come at 2pm. 

Everyone is welcome to attend, and admission is free. After costs, any of the money donated will go to support Soup’s On.