Though not unheard of, it is rare for a thunderstorm to roll through southeastern Manitoba in early October. 

Rain began to fall in Steinbach around 7:30 A.M. and thunder and lightning followed closely behind.  

Environment Canada issued a Severe Thunderstorm watch for the whole region. The south edge of the system caught the City of Steinbach but the bulk of the storm tracked through the north and west portions of the Southeast. 

According to the Manitoba Agriculture Weather Service, the community of Ste. Adolphe received the most rain in the region with 17.7 millimetres. Stead came in second receiving 14.7 millimetres of rain while Dominion City got 14.4 millimetres. 

7.7 millimetres fell in the City of Steinbach. 

Here are the rainfall totals for the region: 

  • Beausejour – 12.6mm 
  • Dominion City – 14.4mm 
  • Dugald – 9.9mm 
  • Lac du Bonnet – 9.2mm 
  • Stead - 14.7mm 
  • St. Adolphe – 17.7mm 
  • St. Pierre – 10.4mm  
  • Steinbach – 7.7mm 
  • Vivian – 12.7mm 

As of 9:50 A.M., a Severe Thunderstorm Watch remains in effect for the Southeast, however, Environment Canada’s weather radar shows the storm system has largely left the area.  

That said, another storm could well roll through the area and according to Environment Canada, there is a risk of another thunderstorm Tuesday afternoon and evening.  


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