We're going to have to keep driving single file on Highway #12 north for at least another week.
  The reason for the traffic congestion is that  crews are in the midst of creating a new intersection across from the Superstore and Ste. Anne Co-op gas bar.  City engineer Phil Kalyta says after Thanksgiving it will be back to normal for southbound traffic and after Halloween the northbound lanes will all be open again.  Traffic lights will also be going up at that intersection and they'll be working by the beginning of November.  Meantime Kalyta says over on Hespeler Street crews dug 2 trenches across the road in order to bring sewer and water lines into the new development.  They have been temporarily repaired and a permanent fix should be completed by Halloween.  The main concern on Hespeler Street is repairing the sidewalk and that should be fixed by the end of next week.