A chocolate-lab named Molly was recently shot with a pellet gun. 

Her owner, Jenn Ross, took her to the vet last Friday to get the three pellet wounds checked out, and it looks like she should recover soon. 

Ross and her family live on a few acres in Richer, just on the edge of town on Saindon Drive. 

She was working in the flower bed by her house when she heard a quad driving around the corner very slowly. 

“We have quads come up and down our road all the time, they don't typically speed down our road, but this one was driving slower than usual. And it was just a short distance.” 

At this time, she heard a dog cry and she quickly checked to make sure it wasn’t Molly. 

“I heard a yelping and then very loud whining that sounded like it was coming from not too far from our driveway, so then I stood up and I went ‘Molly?’ and there was silence. And then all of a sudden, there was some sharp barking.” 

Ross checked inside the house to see if Molly was inside, and then came outside and saw Molly came to the side of the house.  

“Her behind was wet and her tail, but her paws, legs, and underbelly were all dry. Our ditches on our road are dry, so I thought that was very unusual that she would be wet.” 

She brought Molly inside, cleaned her up, and found two pellet wounds that day. She found a third wound the next day. 

Ross took Molly into the vet on Friday, May 26. 

"They did an X-ray. If the bullets were metal, they would show up, but if they were plastic, they wouldn’t. They did not find metal, so I'm going to assume it's plastic as the wounds are very small. And there are definitely puncture wounds from some type of bullet used.” 

She says Molly is being well taken care of. 

“She's been cleaned up and she's had her wounds flushed out with antibiotics, and she's on antibiotics and painkillers for two weeks, so that will help, but she's doing rather well.” 

Ross says the vets are confident Molly will be better soon. 

“They feel that with the antibiotics and the painkillers that she will healing soon. She's able to move around and everything, it's just very tender for her.” 

Ross says she contacted police Friday morning after she got the X-rays.  

She has lived on Saindon Drive since 2007, and says the people in the area are very kind.  

“My husband grew up in the area too, so this is very unusual that something like this would happen.” 

Ross says Molly is a great dog and is well-behaved around everybody she meets. 

“I just don't understand how somebody can be so cruel to an animal. I can't even wrap my head around it. She has never done anything wrong. She's so gentle and so friendly with everybody.” 

Molly with Jenn Ross' grandkids: Oliver and Emily.Molly with Jenn Ross' grandkids: Oliver and Emily.

She says it’s horrifying to think that the outcome could have been much worse. 

“It is very terrifying. It could have been so much worse than what it was, she could have been paralyzed.” 

Molly with Chevy the cat.Molly with Chevy the cat.

Molly with another child