The Progressive Conservative candidate for Dawson Trail says if elected he will continue to work hard for people, getting them answers.

Bob Lagasse, who lives in Landmark, was elected to his first term as MLA in 2016. He was then re-elected in 2019 and is hoping for re-election again next month. 

Lagasse says in the seven years as MLA, a lot has happened that he has been a part of; from bills that he has helped pass, to working behind the scenes for constituents. He says one of his greatest accomplishments as MLA was getting Rail Safety Week approved in Manitoba, following the tragic death in Ste. Anne.

"It's a bill that I'm proud to say that I'm part of and that it is going to help prevent future tragedies," says Lagasse. 

Lagasse says he was also involved in helping land a new daycare for Ste. Anne and approving at least $3.6 million towards the construction of a new Tache community centre in Lorette. 

"I'm proud to say that it is in the budget and that money is there for them whenever they are ready to go," he adds. 

With regards to the proposed Sio Silica sand extraction project east of Anola, Lagasse says he is proud that his colleagues listened to him when they talked about putting the request before the Clean Environment Commission.

"That was something that I felt needed to be done," says Lagasse. "We're not scientists, we're politicians with our own expertise but that doesn't mean we're experts in everything. So, when you let the science decide and the people that know better, then everyone wins."

According to Lagasse, Sio Silica has been one of the hot topics that comes up over and over on the campaign trail. He asks residents to be patient as they wait for the final decision. Lagasse says if re-elected, one of his priorities will be to make sure that whatever happens with the Sio Silica project, is done safely. 

"Doesn't mean it's a 'yes,' doesn't mean it's a 'no,' it has to be done safely," he says.

Lagasse adds mental health is also a priority of his, noting more needs to be done. Lagasse says as a man who has openly talked about his mental health struggles, there are not a lot of services and resources available unless the individual is also suffering from an addiction or is an abuser.

Lagasse admits that it was not an easy decision to run again for the Dawson Trail seat. He says in coping with his mental health struggles, he needed to find out the root of what was causing his battle. With the help of a therapist, Lagasse says he realized that his job gave him joy and he looks forward to the opportunity to serve the constituents for another term. Lagasse says as a politician he is committed to listening to what constituents want. He wants to work hard for the people in order to get the answers. Lagasse says constituents might not always like the answer, but they will get one.


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