Steve Blatz shows the almost sold out pool section at Canadian Tire

Sales of all things cool have been brisk at local retailers.  Canadian Tire Assistant Store Manager Steve Blatz says the heat drives a lot of traffic to the store and as a result they have sold out of pools, air conditioners and all the basic fans.  People are looking for whatever can keep them cool. 

He notes the store got four pallets of air conditioners in on Monday and were sold out in a day.  Blatz adds another batch of air conditioners has just arrived and more are expected.  People are also discovering pools are a great place to splash around in and keep cool.  He finds everything changes with the heat and explains that as temperature moves to the extremes of hot or cold there are more customers and more sales.

Meanwhile at McMunn & Yates, Floor Manager Kevin Plett agrees the sales of airconditioners and fans have shot through the roof.  He reports installed sales guys are backed up for several weeks with central air conditioner jobs.  Window and wall units are also very popular and it's been hard to meet the demand right now. 

Plett notes the cooler break in temperature is welcome this weekend but with heat in the forecast for next week he has another shipment of air conditioners coming in on Monday.