With the new recycling bin system, some people are still confused about how to place the bin, while others need clarification on what they should and shouldn’t recycle. 

Head of Solid Waste Eldon Wallman answers questions and clears up misunderstandings regarding recycling. 

He says the biggest issue right now is that items, such as cars or garbage bins, are often too close to the recycling bin. 

“Remember this, there is a big arm that gives your recycling a big hug every morning on recycling day. And it's got to have a few feet of room on each side so the arm can grab it.” 

Bristal Hauling has been understanding so far, as their drivers have been getting out of the truck to move incorrectly placed bins so they can pick them up, but it’s a lot of extra work. 

It takes a long time to pick up recycling from the whole community, as they’re only doing it with one truck. 

Wallman urges residents to make sure they distance their recycling a few feet from everything else on their driveway. 

He suggests putting garbage on one side of the driveway and recycling on the other. 

"That would be the way to go unless you've got a situation where you can make lots of room on the same side of the driveway. Do what you need to do, just make sure there's room around it.” 

There is also a small percentage of the community that still has the bin facing the wrong direction.

“Drive it out with the lid opening towards the street. Sometimes they are backwards, and my guys even get out and turn people's bins around.” 

Wallman also mentions to leave blue plastic bags out of the recycling containers. 

"The blue bags are something that they don't want at their end processor at all. Just leave the recycling loose inside the bin and leave the bags out of there.” 

He also says we should rinse our recycling to make sure it’s clean, and make sure food waste is not recycled either. 

He notes there is a big difference between compost and recycling.

"Don't put compost in there. McDonald’s cups and stuff actually go into your compost. They're paper, so they don't belong in the recycling.” 

You can take the plastic lids off of your fast-food cups for recycling, but the cups themselves belong in the compost.


With files from Michelle Sawatzky