The family grieving last weekend's tragedy is being supported through a GoFundMe that has been set up by friends and family.

The crowdfunding page ‘Supporting The Schroeder Family’ is raising money to cover costs and reduce financial stress for Elvira Schroeder and her children.

On July 29, their husband and father, Neil Schroeder, was killed at his home on Whitby Crescent in Steinbach. 

In a post on Facebook, daughter Amanda said ‘I mourn the loss of my father. I feel sick thinking of the way he died. My chest aches for my niece as she comes down from her high and is faced with what she’s done. Alone. In a cell.’

RCMP have now charged 34-year-old Savannah Dueck with Second Degree Murder. She was taken into custody on July 29.  

At time of publishing, the GoFundMe page had raised $3609.