Russ Dyck, the head of Steinbach's parks and recreation department, says they are monitoring wild parsnips in our parks.  

“We have identified some wild parsnips in a couple of areas like at A.D. Penner, the pool area by that pond with pathways running through there and then some at the Bushfarm trail as well.” 

Dyck notes these plants can be quite problematic, adding “they can cause some burning of the skin if exposed to the sap of the plant.” 

According to Dyck, wild parsnips look like oversized dill with yellow, flowery heads. He notes they are doing what they can to get rid of the wild parsnips that have been identified. 

“We have been trying to deal with that over the last number of years, spraying it and so forth. It seems to be growing back so we have talked with a contractor about helping us out with that. It is something that we would like to get rid of if we can. We do have some signage up in those areas as well, just warning people that if they do encounter it, just stay away.” 

Wild Parsnips at A.D. Penner Park. Similar to dill, they have a thin gree stalk with a sparse yet round head of yellow flowers.Wild parsnips can be seen next to the pond at A.D. Penner Park. You would have to go a considerable way off the path to encounter them.