City council meets with officials from South Eastman Health

Steinbach city council liked what it heard last night from South Eastman Health about the city's role as a centre for health care.
Deputy mayor Jac Siemens says it's important the two are on the same page as we move forward. He explains, the city sees itself as the hub of southeastern Manitoba and the health authority made it clear that is the case in health care as well.

Siemens says it will be important for city council to work in an advocacy role. He explains, "As we become the third largest city in Manitoba, political pressures will be there. And our growth rate is far exceeding a lot of the granting (of money) that is in place from the province, not only for Steinbach, but for the Regional Health Authority as well. And so we start to play that role where we do more advocacy work with our provincial and federal governments on all the different issues and health care will be just one of them."