From trucks and Mustangs to pink Cadillacs and Mater from the Cars movie, there was no shortage of must-see vehicles at the Car Show on the Ridge on Saturday. 

Car lovers from across Manitoba gathered at the M.A. Querel Community Park in Woodridge for the second annual event. 

Cory Jackson with the Woodridge Community Club says she is pleased with their second year. 

“I've put in more than my 10,000 steps today, but it's been awesome,” Jackson says. “I guess everything's been in our favour. We've had a great turnout in terms of car collectors. We've had a lot of people who are avid car enthusiasts who are out here checking things out. The weather has been great too, so we're really, really lucky and happy to have had a wonderful day,” 

Not only was the event a car show, but it was also an “important” fundraiser for the fire department and the Woodridge Community Club.  

“It was an idea that someone from the community brought to us last year. We were looking for a new and different community event and a fundraiser. We had a great experience last year, and we were hoping to build on the success of last year and I think we've not only done that, but we've done better than last year,” she explains. 

Finally, Jackson says she and the community are already looking forward to next year’s Car Show on the Ridge. 

“It's a win-win all around,” she says. “So, what we hope to do for next year is be bigger and better.” 

Check out the photos and video from the event: 

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