A St Adolphe man grew up hearing his grandfather’s stories about World War 2 and those stories were pivotal in him making the decision to join the army.

Between hearing stories mixed in with an adventurous, daredevil spirit, Cameron Bennett had made his mind up about his future early on in his life. He also attributes a desire for connection as another reason for joining the army. ‘Searching for a brotherhood feeling of family and connection, so ever since I was probably about five or six, I knew I wanted to join the army and it's a good experience.’

Bennett joined the military in 1998 and not long after 9/11 he was transferred from the reserves and sent to Afghanistan. What went from peacekeeping activities turned into putting to use the things he learned in training. ‘You actually have to practice your stuff, and we haven't done this since 1950. scenario type of thing, and it was a completely different style of warfare. It was definitely some fun, interesting times for that stuff.’

He finished his time with the army and switched over to the Air Force and says he ‘got to relax’. A medical release ended his career in the military and he is now focusing on helping those struggling with PTSD find some help with artistic blacksmithing.