A bridge along Hwy 311 north of New Bothwell, between PR 206 and PR216 was one of two bridges destroyed by a fire Wednesday evening.

It has since been torn down and that section of highway has been closed and all traffic is being rerouted.

Rick Peters, Vice President of Industry Relations at Steve’s Livestock in Blumenort says, even with the bridge gone there will be no delays in getting their animals to market.

“What we are doing is routing trucks on different routes. There are points in and out and around, which obviously will create a bit more work for our teams, you know, to reroute the trucks.” 

Peters says with provincial spring road restrictions in place they’ve made a special request to the province. 

“We are asking for permission to travel those (restricted) roads. As well, biosecurity is also something that we have to keep in mind and so, that is why we'll need some access to roads that are now restricted by the province. So, we reached out and are asking for permission to travel some of those routes on some of our lanes. So, it's not a ton, but definitely, there will be an impact.” 

Peters notes their team has been putting together alternate routes, whether coming from the north, south, east, or west.  

“We will relay that to our drivers, which these days, is much more efficient as our trucks have in-cab technology that allows us to get it to them fairly quickly. So, we'll get those routes planned and get them out and there should be minimal impact. Certainly no impact to delivery of livestock.” 

Peters hopes the government will make replacing the 311 bridge a priority.  

“It's a major thoroughfare for not only Steve’s Livestock but for anybody commuting this way, from Niverville or wherever it's a main route that needs attention quickly.” 

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