The Hanover Councillor for the Blumenort area has announced he will not seek re-election this fall. Ward Three Councillor Bob Brandt says after 16 years this will be his last term.

"Age is kind of catching up to me," suggests Brandt. "There are younger (people) that need a chance to get at the job and I'm hoping for a really good strong candidate stepping forward."

Brandt refers to his time on council as a very enjoyable experience, noting a lot has changed from when he first joined. 

"The unprecedented growth of the community was something we didn't foresee when I got on council," he says. "We didn't foresee the type of growth that we saw, and that only took place the last six years."

Not only has Blumenort seen tremendous population growth over the years, but Brandt says it has also been very satisfying to see the commercial growth in the community. He guesses that today there are more than 1,500 jobs in Blumenort.

"For a small community that's pretty substantial," he adds.

In looking back over 16 years, Brandt says he takes satisfaction in a number of projects and initiatives which he feels he helped bring to Blumenort and area. In addition to the growth, he says construction of a splash pad has given residents a place to cool off in summer. Brandt says he has also helped develop the park, noting there is still work to be done there. 

Brandt says another highlight of his years on council has been the people. He values the strong working relationship on Hanover Council and says it was very satisfying to be elected Deputy Reeve by his peers.

He also praises the work of the Local Urban District committee of Blumenort, noting the strong leadership there during his years on council.

The next municipal election will happen on October 26th when councillors will be elected to four-year terms. Brandt says after 16 years on council, now is a good time to pass on the baton to someone with new ideas and a new vision.