A boil water advisory has been issued for some residents of St. Malo.

According to the Rural Municipality of De Salaberry, scheduled maintenance to the water system led to a brief loss of water pressure in the eastern portion of the St. Malo water distribution system. The municipality says that distribution depressurization can compromise the safety of the water supply.

The boil water advisory began on Monday at 9 am for all water users east of Highway 59 in St. Malo. The advisory was put in place to ensure the protection of public health.

The municipality is recommending that until further notice, all water used for consumption should be brought to a rolling boil for at least one minute before it is used for drinking and making ice, preparing beverages, preparing food and brushing teeth.

The boil water advisory will remain in effect until the water supplied by the system no longer presents a risk to public health. Residents will be notified when the advisory has been lifted. 


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