Big Freight received approval from Steinbach City council Tuesday to bring in a large portable building with temporary washroom and shower facilities to accommodate its rapid growth. In seeking the Conditional Use Permit for a temporary 12 x 60 foot structure, the company's Director of Driver Development noted they purchased another trucking firm last year which means another 85 to 90 drivers coming through their facility on a weekly basis. Shane Morrow also told council they have recruited 120 drivers from the Philippines.

Deputy Mayor Michael Zwaagstra says city council understands the company needs a quick solution to provide washrooms and showers for these additional employees.

Temporary washroom and shower building to be brought in by Big Freight.

"That's a significant influx of workers and they need these facilities in order to provide services to them. As a council, we thought it was appropriate to approve this request. It makes it possible for this expansion to take place in a short period of time."

At the suggestion of councillor Damian Penner, council imposed a three-year time limit on the permit in the hope the company will develop a more permanent solution.

"It's a great problem that Big Freight is having. Growth and being able to accommodate all of your staff is a good problem and we do want to be accommodating for them to be able to move in a timely manner and not look at major expansion for temporary growth. However, we do need to make sure that we are protecting our current properties and the people who are putting up permanent structures, that we're not giving too much leeway in terms of temporary structures."

Council will review the three-year permit in September, 2022 to see whether the company can develop a more permanent solution to its needs.