Feeding wildlife isn’t as helpful as it may sound. 

Manitoba Parks asks that you keep your pumpkins out of provincial parks, and explains why feeding wildlife can cause more harm than good. 

“Dumping vegetables, birdseed or other foods for wildlife makes animals reliant on unnatural food sources, puts wildlife in harms way near roads, and encourages animals to congregate increasing the risk of transmitting diseases.” 

If that was your plan to get rid of your pumpkins, luckily there is an alternative. 

Kismet Creek Farms is looking for pumpkins to help feed their animals. 

Kismet Creek Farm is a petting farm and livestock sanctuary. Right now they have just over 100 animals on the farm. 

Karl Shoenrock of Kismet Creek Farm says a lot of animals means a lot of mouths to feed, and the cost to feed animals has gone up exponentially. 

“It's definitely gone up and with the highs and lows and different types of feed available, prices are going up. Not to mention, medical supplies and dewormers and stuff. 

He says his animals love the taste of pumpkin, and they are healthy for them too. 

“They are a great vitamin source, they're a natural dewormer, hence the medical thing I mentioned because it's anti-parasitical. And you can bring them down to Kismet Creek Farm and the animals just totally adore them.” 

Schoenrock asks that you ensure the pumpkins don't have any paint, candle wax, plastic lights, glitter, glue, or toothpicks in or on them, as all of those things are dangerous for the animals.

He notes they also can't be bleached, or have been drawn or painted on.

“If you have a pumpkin that has some toothpicks in it, just rip that part out. Because if you just break off the toothpick, the animal could still eat it and it could still get stuck in its mouth. We just want the animals to be safe, and give them good, healthy food. 

To properly dispose of your pumpkins and support a good cause, visit Kismet Creek Farm 6 miles South of Steinbach, one mile off Highway 12.  

“A lot of people know CD Trees, we are right across the road from that. Bring them down to the farm, I've got a huge metal bin at the end of my driveway right next to my sign, you can dump them off in there.” 


With files from Dave Anthony


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