Horses, barrels and riders will be found this evening at the Hanover Agricultural grounds in Grunthal as the Barrel Racing Series continues. 

Carollyne Kehler is the organizer for this year’s “Ride Like a Mother” series and she has noticed the sport gaining in popularity. 

“Barrel racing is super popular right now,” she says. “Also, breakaway roping is really gaining popularity, too, which is the ladies roping event. Well, anybody could do break away but for the most part it's the ladies that do the breakaway roping. And so, that's also gaining popularity.” 

What is the reason more people are interested in this sport? 

Kehler suspects that it might have something to do with television series that portray a ranching/rodeo lifestyle. 

She says barrel racing is fun and competitive. 

“Basically, you take your horse and you run as fast as you can around three barrels without knocking them over,” Kehler explains. “We race against each other on time but really, you're competing against yourself to have the best time you can.” 

Kehler says this is a great time for people to watch some racing and learn more about the sport. 

“I welcome anybody that wants to come and say ‘hi,’ ask questions, that would be fantastic,” she says. “I mean, that's why we're putting it on, right? It’s a community event, come check it out, learn. That's exactly what we're there for.”