The Northern Lights were the star of the show across Manitoba skies Thursday night and are expected to make an appearance again on Friday evening.

Northern lights swirling.Vicky Mearon captured the green and white swirling display Thursday night, as the Northern Lights gained a lot of attention. (Photo Credit: Vicky Mearon)

While the Aurora Forecast indicates medium activity level, the brilliant display brought many people out of their homes to check it out, while others pulled off to the side of the road to marvel at the flowing movement across the sky.

Northern Lights dancing behind treesAmanda Rae spotted the Northern Lights on Thursday as various colours flowed together behind the trees. (Photo Credit: Amanda Rae)

If the clouds stay away, check the sky Friday night between 11pm and 2am as we anticipate another performance of lights dashing and dancing over Manitoba.

Northern lights seen from a snowy highwayThe bright display of lights over Rosenort caught the attention of motorist Chelsey Waldner. (Photo Credit: Chelsey Waldner)
Bright green northern lightsBright yellow and green Northern Lights flash across the sky Thursday evening. (Photo Credit: Karen Handsor)