Agape House in Steinbach is offering a brand new program to promote mental health in young children.

It is called Handle With Care and Executive Director Tracy Whitby says this is an interactive program for parents and their children.

"Mental health right now is front of mind and we all could use some help and support in how to promote and help our kids with their social and emotional well-being," says Whitby. "And that's exactly what this program does."

Whitby says this program helps give parents and caregivers the ability to know what their role is in strengthening the mental health of their children. She notes they do play a critical role in making sure their kids flourish, thrive and grow into healthy adults.

"This shows us how to do that, and in a fun way," explains Whitby. "Little, easy things that you can just shift slightly and know that you are doing some good for your kids."

Whitby says with everything that has gone on in the last two years, she is excited that they are able to offer this in person. She notes earlier this year they offered a program called, Mindful Munchkins, which happened to be their best attended program they have ever offered.

"I think people are really excited to be in person again, doing groups together," she adds.

According to Whitby, both Handle With Care and Mindful Munchkins were funded through Healthy Child Coalition Southeast. It is geared towards parents and caregivers with children aged zero to six. She notes Mindful Munchkins was more for preschool-aged children, while this one is for kids even younger.

The program runs Saturday mornings until May 25th. For more information, call 204-326-6062.