The new mayor for the Town of Ste. Anne is looking forward to his new role on council. 

Yvan St. Vincent has served as Deputy Mayor and has won by his bid for Mayor by acclamation. He says the victory is great, but he would have preferred to have his name on the ballot today. 

St. Vincent says this time around, there seems to have been many candidates that won their seat because they did not have any challengers. 

“There seems to be a bit of apathy around the election, municipal elections this year from all over Canada from what I'm hearing,” he says. “But nonetheless, I'm excited to take over the role.” 

While he is disappointed there was not a lot of interest in challenging him for the mayor’s seat, St. Vincent is pleased to see interest in the councillor positions. 

“I’m thankful there’s for sure an election there,” he says. “It would have been even stranger if the whole group had been acclaimed. But of course, that's out of anyone's control and people can choose to run or not. But I am happy that there's at least five people willing to join us and continue the work we've been doing.” 

Looking to serve on Town Council are Cornie Klassen, Jason Einerson, Lyle Davis, Jeremy Wiens, and Krystyn Zaretski. Only four candidates will be elected. 

St. Vincent anticipates the new council will continue to move forward with strategies that will serve the residents and businesses. 

“We’ve been working on a number of things my past eight years that are slowly coming together,” he says. “So, we would certainly want to continue to see those things, which is more recreation opportunities for people of all ages in town. We're of course looking to bring some more business into town so that more folks can remain close to their home to do some work and at the same time, it provides services for our residents.”