The Manitoba Mud Mafia is prepared for a good turnout this weekend in Marchand for a family-friendly ATV ride in the Southeast. 

The fall ride happens on Saturday, September 9th and starts in Marchand. 

“We're hosting an ATV ride for anybody and everybody that has a quad, side-by-side, dirt bike and we're going to be heading out to the Richer area for a halfway point and we're going to stop there for a nice lunch provided by Marchand Inn,” Kirk Brunelle explains. “And then we’ll make our way back to Marchand Park.” 

Hundreds of riders are expected to come out for the event, based off the turnout they had in spring for a group ride that took place in May. 

“Pretty much what ended up happening was that we got a lot more people than we expected,” Brunelle recalls. “We had over 200 machines and close to 400 people that showed up, which was great. So, for now, for this ride, we're expecting to beat that record. So hopefully, hopefully we have over 300.” 

Brunelle says it is always great to see young riders join in these types of events. 

“It's a great feeling and it's always good. I mean, a lot of the things we do are more for the kids, right? Get them into the sport. I mean, we're already in it. It's nice to see more (people) join and especially the younger crowd. I mean, both me and my wife have been on these machines all our lives and we've now brought our kids in as well. And my oldest son actually races his quads now too. So, they dove right in and are loving every minute of it.” 

Registration will take place Saturday morning 9am-11am at Marchand Park. The ride will get underway at 11:30am. The trail is approximately 106 kilometres.

The Manitoba Mud Mafia connects riders to large, organized rides across Manitoba. 

-With files from Dave Anthony


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