Local athletes gave strong performances at the Western Canada Cup for trampoline tumbling in Port Moody, BC. 

Tamarack Gymnastics in Steinbach had 12 athletes represent our province at the competition which lasted three days. 

Coach Amanda Pierson says the athletes had some nerves going into the competition and the team did not have high expectations. 

“They knew that we did really good in Saskatchewan a few weeks ago, but they also knew going into this that BC and Alberta put up some pretty amazing athletes,” she says. 

The gymnasts knew they would be up against some stiff competition and believed they might not stand a chance at high scores. 

“And that's not at all the case, Pierson says. “We went into it, and we really killed it.” 

These 12 athletes brought home 18 awards and Pierson says it’s a big deal. 

“A lot of these kids kind of started right before COVID and they got shut down,” she explains. “So, they've been through a lot in the last few years. So, for these guys to stick it out and make it to the point where we're at and be so successful in Western Canada like I'm, I'm just so proud of them. I cry. I'm so glad, I cry when I talk about it.” 

There were around 270 athletes from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia who competed at the Western Canada Cup. 

For Isaiah, he went to the 2013 Western Canada Cup as an athlete. But this time he attended as one of three coaches from Tamarack Gymnastics.