With two months left in 2022, Steinbach has already surpassed the total amount of rain and snow that would fall in an average year.  

Scott Kehler is a meteorologist with Weatherlogics. He says in an average year, Steinbach gets between 500 and 550 millimetres of precipitation and we are well past that. 

“To date, 672 millimetres have fallen in the Steinbach area and as of right now, that would rank as the 9th wettest year on record, if the year ended now. Given that we normally get about another 50 millimetres for the rest of the year, we are on track for Steinbach to be about the fourth wettest on record.” 

Winnipeg has already surpassed its wettest year on record. Kehler says their previous record was 723 millimetres of precipitation set back in 1962 and as of October 24th, they have received 740 millimetres. 

“In Steinbach, the bar for wettest year on record is quite a bit higher than Winnipeg. Winnipeg's was 723 millimetres but Steinbach's is 844 and that record of 844 was set in the year 2000 so actually not that long ago." 

Unsurprisingly, Kehler says the wettest months so far were back in spring. 

“The month of May was the wettest so far with 136 millimetres, April was second with 128, and then July was third with 113. Those are the top three but pretty much every month of the year has been wet so far.” 

Kehler says this is astounding considering 2020 was one of the driest years on record. He adds “Having the driest year and the wettest year almost back-to-back just adds to how impressive this weather pattern has been.”