There were some intense moments Wednesday when La Broquerie fire crews worked hard to minimize damage from a fire that was burning near La Broquerie on St. Joseph Road.

Chief Al Nadeau says an electric fence let off a spark which ignited the white cottonwood fluff that is floating around, and that resulted in the whole yard catching fire.

Buildings were lost as well as vehicles, but crews were able to save the house and prevent the fire from spreading to the neighbour's house.

On Tuesday afternoon, there was a grassfire in Marchand which spread to the bush. Someone had a fire going in their fire pit and that quickly spread to the extremely flammable cottonwood seeds.

There were no injuries reported in either fire.

Nadeau is issuing an advisory, cautioning us about the extremely flammable cottonwood seeds, urging us to be extra vigilant and aware of the dangers.

“I just want to launch a special advisory right now, a cautious advisory for the next week or so while this white fluff is flying around. It's very volatile. If we have any kind of a fire, or any kind of sparks, this is very dangerous right now. It's a dangerous situation. Even if we have garage doors open and this stuff is accumulating in your garage, I'd be very careful right now.”

He says it only takes a spark, or for the cotton to touch something hot for a fire to erupt and the flames move quickly, burning up every piece of fluffy cotton on the ground.